Although the days when having to pop down to the shops to develop your own Kodak moments seem to be a foggy memory, it’s certainly still remarkable when massive events such as last week’s New York Fashion Week effortlessly showcase the growth of social. Visual platforms documented real-time story telling with designers, celebs, bloggers, and Joe Public alike capturing the most coveted week in the calendar. Camera rolls were fit to burst and spilled immediately onto Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and beyond. Oscar de la Renta even announced his whole line two months early via Instagram which begged the question: Is social media killing Fashion Week? So here’s the scoop on how the #NYFW story strutted down the social runway.


#NYFW, #FashionWeek and #MBFW all populated Twitter in a constant stream of chatter, photographs and breaking news. Designers were top of their game, constantly using the conversation to build a widespread view of each event. The NYFW hasthtag was vastly more used than sponsors Mercedes Benz #MBFW, with #NYFW mentioned more than 100,000 times over the week, making more than 105,000,000 impressions across the social universe.



The most visual platforms were of course the main contenders, with Instagram at the forefront. Pinterest even partnered exclusively with dozens of fashion week insiders to deliver a comprehensive overview miles better than any glossy magazines could provide. Tumblr had 18 photography bloggers who were officially paired with major designers such as David Urbanke for Marc Jacobs. Not to mention there were official channels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube, where a plethora of content awaited. Over 630,000 viewers watched the spectacle online, further marking the move to social and waiting audiences which are eager to lap up online content as quickly as they can.


Who was Influential?

With designers throwing fashion at our faces like it was, well, going out of fashion, it was surprising to see that  @victoriabeckam’s sweet tweet of baby Harper and Daddy Beckham was one of the most popular over the 7-day event, with 5,271 retweets. On the other hand, it was no surprise that Bieber Fever managed to spread onto the runway; the tweet from @JustinBeiberFan which snapped him at the Y-3 show attracted 25,944 retweets. Twitter highlighted that it wasn’t just designers taking over the conversation, with bloggers having their voices heard too and contributing to the influential dialogue.


Behind the scenes

Oscar de la Renta’s early reveal certainly raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow or two with voices demanding if this move is slaughtering Fashion Week’s exclusiveness. Will front row seats at the live events be less in demand? Not only is this worry unlikely, but I think that this clever move added to the buzz and prestigious element not just at the event, but before it even began; revealing tasters and visual of upcoming collection surely drives the desire to see such beautiful couture in the flesh?

Ralph Lauren certainly knew how to whet appetites, as pictures of the models were tweeted from behind the scenes in the run up to the show. There’s still something deliciously enjoyable to feel like a fly on the wall, a feeling which Ralph Lauren played on to build the excitement.


Snapchat even joined in with the big girls behind the scenes as Rebecca Minkoff debuted ten looks to her fans via the photo-sharing platform just moments before they appeared on the runway. This aimed to make consumers inclusive in the Fashion Week process, adding a new personalised feel to the glitziest show in New York.


This year’s New York Fashion Week wasn’t just about the designers; it was the year of the ‘you’. Bloggers were paired with major designers, snapchats were sent to individuals, and those of us who were stuck at home still had the chance to take part in the unravelling events, showing social as the way forward in building upon the Fashion Week thrill. This looks set to continue, as London Fashion Week has kicked off this week with pizazz thanks to Mulberry sending out exclusive teacup invites to some lucky chosen ones. I predict that next year’s front row seats will be even more coveted, despite predictions warning that this over-exposure is taking away from the heart of the event.

On that note I’m off, I’ve had a tiring day on my feet and my Jimmy Choo’s need put to rest, even if I have just been witnessing it all in front of my Twitter feed with a cup of tea and a custard cream.

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