It’s been a bit of an exhausting week for the red carpet, rolling out more than just a celeb or two at the Golden Globe Awards; Matt Damon forgot his specs, teleprompters failed, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an award and even Jennifer Lawrence did a bit of photo-bombing. The Globes kicked off this year’s awards season with sufficient glamour, flair and of course speeches that just never end, one of the most irritating and infuriat- (cue music).

Amidst the general la-de-da of such a prestigious event, the social realm was alight with conversation to bring the whole affair right back down to our mere mortal level, not only providing hilarity, real-time news and spectacular pictures, but once again proving that social media dominates the media circus, and will continue to play a leading role in 2014. Here are just a few highlights surrounding the 71st annual ceremony.


American Horror Story and Precious star Gabourey Sidibe suffered the minor annoyance of having to lift a finger from her champagne glass to send a tweet, after Twitter trolls directed mean-spirited comments about her appearance towards her. All it took was one deliciously satisfying tweet from Gabourey to stuff a virtual sock in their mouths. With over 26,000 retweets, it’s apparent that more than a few others around the globe were in agreement.



Vine Booth

Taking a little bit of a more glitzy spin than the kind of photo booth you might find in a night club, where the only distinguishable photo is a close-up of your left nostril, this 360-degree Vine booth captured a panoramic view of A-List fashion, with leading lady Zoe Saldana stepping up for a quick pose, and even Mike Tyson gingerly stepped up to the ring. Thanks to this new gimmick, the social conversation was instantly filled with shareable videos of their favourite red carpet outfits.



She gets trashed before awards ceremonies, she falls on the way to collect awards and now she’s photobombing. The internet darling that is Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t take awards shows too seriously, and her most recent escapades went viral yet again. During an E! interview with Taylor Swift, Jennifer’s eagle eye spotted the opportune moment which was begging for her to create Internet gold. She later elaborated that she was going to push her down the stairs to which Swift replied, “You should have, people would have loved that.”


It also wouldn’t be awards season without the unveiling of a new trend, even if it is unintentional. Although J-Law won a Golden Globe for her part in American Hustle, her dress wasn’t quite so well received. Cue #Lawrencing: because the Internet just can’t resist a meme. Cats, dogs, celebrity bloggers and plain old Jane’s started sharing their own red carpet version of Jennifer’s dress across social platforms with side-splitting results.



Predicting awards season winners based on social media data and critic predictions? There’s an app for that.

Film blog The Credits partnered with analytics and monitoring company Brandwatch to deliver some scarily accurate predictions with the Social Awards Season App which aggregates data from Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, amongst others, along with predictions from respected film critics to indicate who the frontrunners are. Not convinced? Last year’s results were 83% accurate. The app will without a doubt be even more finely tuned by 2015, giving us plenty of time to place some well-informed bets.

This year’s Globes were certainly as lavish as ever, and so glitzy that we’re sure most attendees are still shaking off glitter. But don’t kick your stilettos off yet though; we’re barely getting started, with the BAFTAS, BRITS and the crème de la crème of them all, The Oscars, still to put on their party pants in the coming months. The BRITS have already given us a hint of things to come, breaking the news of the 2014 nominees via Twitter for the first time ever making sure that artists and music fans alike began talking. Do you have any predictions for the rest of the year?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I really must get back to finishing my acceptance speech and most importantly, perfecting my ‘surprised but flattered and teary with happiness’ winning reaction.

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